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With special thanks to Katia :
The name Holy Lake is of very ancient origin , and its location in one of the most wildest time of the Apennines, also formerly populated by large animals such as bears and wolves, has always nurtured around it an aura of sacredness and mystery : the name "saint" seems to be tied to religious facts and devotional . The historical information on this basin are those relating to the bloody struggles that took place between the Community and the Rock Pievepelago on the one hand and that of Barga, in the Garfagnana , on the other hand , because of the ownership and exploitation of the forests , pastures and the waters of the holy lake and the Valley of Fontanacce . Indeed, for concessions ancient feudal dating back to the Middle Ages , the town of Barga, the territory of the Grand-Ducal Florentine sovereignty , had dominion over a piece of land that lay beyond the watershed in the territory of Emilia first part of the territory of the Duke of Este of Ferrara and then the Community of Modena. Since the border was not well marked , both communities were attributed to himself the right of pasture and woodland exploitation and from this arose the fights , kidnappings of cattle , retaliation as it happened in the summer of 1550 when the Powers of Barga denounced a cut fir and beech in Barga territory carried out by Ferrara near Lake Saint. Since the beginning of the fifteenth century the governments of the two states had experienced official attempts to find a satisfactory solution to the problem by resorting to arbitration external as well as the 1420 entrusted to the Senate of the City of Siena, which led to a first demarcation on the ground with the ' apposition of " words" or boundary stones . But the problem was resolved after he was seen recently when the boundary stones were removed so that a hundred years later had to resort to a new arbitration to the Duke of Savoy, whom he appointed as an expert in his State Councilor and son these, which , at the end of 1568 , they issued an " award " which were fixed with the new boundaries . The " Bottom Line" of Barga (as it was identified the Luxembourg territory in the Po Valley ) was bounded by the length of the ridge between the summit of the Monte Porticciola and Figurito (now called Peaks Romecchio ) and down one side just upstream of the Tagliole village and the other half to the adjacent Valley of Fontanacce . In 1844 the Treaty of Florence, signed between the Government of Este and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany , stared at their borders on the ridge watershed residents took advantage of this Pievepelago to exploit to their advantage the woods and meadows of the Po Valley . But one thing is the administrative sovereignty while another thing is the right balance sheet boasted about this area for centuries by the city of Barga , so at the Judicial Headquarters was definitively ruled that the land was to be understood as " promiscuous communion of goods" in which the forests should be considered in full ownership of the City of Barga while the pastures were to be used in alternate years by the two contenders . Only in the late 50s of the twentieth century between the towns of Barga Pievepelago and it came to an agreement that ended the age-old question definitively marking the boundary to the watershed . Meanwhile, before the Second World War, the Holy Lake was the subject of a grand plan by the engineer Lapo Farinata degli Uberti , who had the idea of ??creating large ski and tourist center of the Valley of the Pools (present-day Val of Light ) . The engineer Florentine intended to take the waters of the lake , which, thanks to a channel that was supposed to go under the mountain Feminamorta , would be due to arrive in the Upper Valley of the Pools , where Pian d' Asprella would be created after construction of a dam , a large reservoir designed to power a hydroelectric plant that would supply energy to the whole district



Affacciato al Lago Santo