CIMA DELL’OMO (or Alpe di Barga)

The Cima dell'Omo, also used as Alpe di Barga as in the past frequented by barghig shepherds during the summer, is located on the 00 ridge that joins the Santo lake with San Pellegrino in Alpe.
Definitely one of the most beautiful stretches of the Modena Apennine ridge.

The climb is steep, especially if it is for sale from San Pellegrino, but once we reach the summit our effort will be amply repaid by the aerial views of the Serchio valley, the Fontanacce valley, the Apuan Alps and the Cimone.
From the Vittoria hut you can follow following the CAI 529 for the Boccaia pass and the Campi d'Annibale pass, up to the Colle della Bruciata. From here you take the 00. The climb is in the first steep section, then before the summit it lies down in a wide grassy plateau. For the return you can go down keeping the 00 up to the Terzino pass (steep descent and passage between rocks where the path is a bit tight). From the pitch of the full back we return with the low variant of 00 on the Tuscan side to the Bruciata hill, then from here again to the Campi d'Annibale and Passo Boccaia


Affacciato al Lago Santo