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WE ARE OPEN NEXT WEEKEND 23, 24 AND 25 February (inclusive)
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ricerca personale rifugio vittoria

Mountain Refuge Vittoria Lago Santo Modena

Overlooking the "Lago Santo" (Santo Lake), the refuge is like a little hotel and restaurant; it’s recognized as landmark by groups, ski-schools, alpinism and touring. Winter sporting activities are primarily ski alpinism, snowboard (practiced also out footstep, called backcountry), fallings, channels and ice colanders; walk with snow rackets, winter alpinism. In summer you can do: trekking, alpinism, climbing, mountain bike, orientiiring, picking underwood products and above all you can have a real contact with nature in this small angle of uncontaminated Paradise.

Attention: it is recommended to ALWAYS call before you come to visit us (Phone 388 7412473)


New Web Cam HD

We are pleased to announce that we have installed a NEW WEBCAM, by day you will see the splendor of MONTE GIOVO and the evening will be wagering on FOUNTAIN front of the Rifugio Vittoria.

Nuova Web Cam HD da Rifugio Vittoria

Web Cam N°2

Questa webcam è puntata sul Monte Giovo, ovviamente è una webcam QUAD HD (4MP)

Nuova Web Cam HD da Rifugio Vittoria

Web Cam N°3

questa è una webcam motorizzata ( in gergo PTZ point tilt zum) in definizione Quad HD.

web cam motorizzata da Rifugio Vittoria


Affacciato al Lago Santo