The Lake Turchino

The Lake Turchino is a body of water located in a small basin of high environmental value , in the Natural Park of the High Apennines of Modena .

The lake has an area extremely small , having a diameter of only 35 meters depth and poor ' (do not you come over 2 and a half meters) , but it is highly suggestive of the surrounding landscape and the color of the water, which almost seems to reach according to a shade of turquoise ' angle from which you look at it . Visible until the end of autumn before the first snowfall, then you can ' only imagine where it remains ; sentry there remains the small hut owned' private erected nearby and kept in a very dignified . Regarding the share we around 1600 meters above sea level

All around there is the beautiful landscape of the Apennines of Modena, with the basin of the estuary to giovo and the valley of leghold traps in the distance. A huge overhang of nearly three hundred and fifty meters separates the basin of Lake Turchino from the Rondinaio mountain and the Rondinaio Lombardo mountain above.

The lake is fed almost exclusively by precipitation or winter thaw .

Reached by trails , great goal for a nice walking tour in the summer / autumn , nice tour with frozen snow (of course with crampons and climbing equipment ), and arrival / departure point for trips to the medium challenging with ski-mountaineering .

Of course you can not avoid to visit!


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