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Petit Couloir

Stefano Nesti and Marco Mason

Petit CouloirDifficulty: II / 2 +
Development : 20m

Location: Lake Saint to mount Giovo , Tuscan Emilian Apennines .

Access: from the refuge Victoria, reachable by car , the falls can be glimpsed through the trees above the lake on the left end of the same looking from the shelter Victoria.
From the hut the left coast of the lake, enter the wad of Pigs , and leave right away to go into the woods on the right. The way " better than nothing" is in the top set among the rocks, a prominent central stalactite .
The ways " between a hope and a wish" , "petit couloir " and " partition wall " climb the foothills just above the lower rocky lago.15minuti from the shelter to the falls low , 20 for the one above .

Material: standard alpinism .

Report: Some steps on plates and thin ice , place in the narrow gully that takes you to the forest sommatale .

Descent: Walk or with a double 25m summit of one of the trees .

General considerations: It is a small but nice couloir that without great difficulty will give away a few feet of fun.
The line may be fitted from above , it may be a good start for those new to the discipline.
For the more experienced , however, who have come all this way to come up " between a hope and a desire to " serve as a heating or simply as a diversion to distract pleasantly few minutes.

Rifugio Vittoria


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