Falesia of Lake Baccio

"Shield of the Celts"

The wall is now visible from the lake Baccio, reached along a part of the path 523, and then rise to stone sentinel in the mid-valley on the right going up.

The rock is like for the whole area sandstone boulder, moderately good, although the climber will have to pay attention to any imbedded stones sounding stupid.
The surface layer is partially covered by lichen, even if the sockets and supports, are well cleaned.
Bolting is to fix all steel and the average height is 20m, with grades ranging between 4c and 6c for a total of seven routes.
On the wall when we arrived there were already two old ways, we have taken steps to restore and rename.
Many routes are well suited to the use of caps fast, making it ideal to become familiar with them, be careful not to create levers in the laying of boulders stuck.
The wall gets the sun in the morning and usually benefits from a pleasant valley breeze.


Lo scudo dei celti vie 1

Lo scudo dei celtiLago Baccio

ACCESS: From Pieve Pelago get into the car up in the immediate vicinity of Lake Saint, then, walking on path 523 to the top of Rondinaio. After crossing the lake Baccio, the structure is visible in the upper right in the middle valley. 45 minutes from the parking lot.

EQUIPMENT: The wall is fully equipped to fix steel, and the routes are sufficient to repeat a 60m rope and ten references.

POINT OF SUPPORT: The unmissable Refuge Lake Victoria to the Saint and its particular owner.

STYLE AND PERIOD: The climbing technique is usually in search of balance and grip, but every street has a section usually boulder athletics.
Except in the winter you can always climb, avoid too cold and windy days, the wall is at an altitude of about 1700m.

From left to right

Julia 6 a+ Due sezioni atletiche e strapiombanti, raccordate da una bella placchettina.
Diedro Bruno ed Ivana 4 c Classicissima ed alpinistica.
Anita 6 c Boulder strapiombante ed uscita in aderenza.
Il mal capitato 6 a Tecnica ed equilibrio con un pizzico di forza ed astuzia.
Tex ed il cavaliere nero 5c/6 a Tecnica pazienza e fantasia vi saranno di aiuto.
Gianni e.... 4 c Varia e non scontata.
.... e Pinotto 4\c

Varia e panoramica.



Affacciato al Lago Santo