Foce a Giovo

"Foce Giovo" is a pass of remarkable scenic interest and hiking, located an approximately 1700m of altitude, on the main ridge along the trail CAI 00.

The pass connects Tagliole Valley, situated on the Emilian side (the Panaro basin) , with Val Fegana (River Serchio), located on the Tuscan side.
La Foce, used come Valico ancient Via Ducale, last historic street of Great ad Communication Being open about our Apennines (1823), It consists of a narrow narrow saddle between the Ridge of Femminamorta east (Subgroup Alpe of the Three Powers) the Ridge and the Borra Fosso that goes west towards the massive pyramid of Rondinaio (Subgroup Jaufenpass).
The Foce di Giovo holds considerable interest, Beyond That from a naturalistic point of view, even from the historical point of view, the events for SIA What led to the opening, SIA Because the pass was the main node Importance of the defensive system of the Line Gothic, prepared from the Wehrmacht during the last World War.
From Foce You can enjoy beautiful views of the entire Upper Valley Tagliole and, looking towards the southwest, Silla below dell'Orrido throat Botri and on the reliefs of the Serchio Valley and the Pisan Mountains.
With a little 'luck, On days Best And Also can be seen in flight the pair of eagles nesting in Nearby That vertiginous walls of the Dog Dodge.
From our refuge you can reach the Foce Through the CAI 517, in approximately 1h 30 'walk.


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