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The Phantom of the Lake

Stefano Nesti

il fantasma del lagoDDifficulty: ice II / 2 +

Development : 30m

Location: Monte giovo the Holy Lake , Modena Apennines

Access: From the hut Victoria, the waterfall is situated high in the direction of w just above the intermediate plateau that serves as the mount cengione Giovo . Follow the path out of the woods just 525 and turn right going up to the north , like to go to the obvious channel that flows down from the foothills of the Rocky Giovo . Take the channel and after a few tens of meters , the waterfall seems obvious on a rocky prominence on our left going up. 40 minutes from the refuge.

Material: A single rope and some ice screw , more normal alpinism equipment

Report: Some meters vertically , place on a ramp of ice with bottlenecks and risaltini rise elegantly between this narrow cut in the rocks.

Descent: If you want to limit ourselves to do the waterfall , you should get off with a bit of caution to the gully on the right of attack and then falling for it, otherwise once you exit the waterfall , it is possible with features climbing , continue to the summit of Giovo and here downstream path 525 .

General considerations: The route requires a good evaluation of the ice, since not every year you shape (hence the name), and also to assess the stability of the snowpack , as these channels can be downloaded. The next climb to the summit of this climb Giovo makes most complete and interesting


Rifugio Vittoria


Affacciato al Lago Santo