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The Waterfall of the Celts

Stefano Nesti and Massimo Bernardi on 23/12/05

Cascata dei Celti

Difficulty: 2 / 2 + or I / I

Development : 18 m

Location: Lake Saint to mount Giovo , Tuscan Emilian Apennines .

Access: On the road to the holy lake , on the last bend, take the path that leads to Rondinaio . After about 20 minutes slow , until you come to Lake Baccio . From here, looking at the top right just above the summer climbing gym (gym of the Celts ) we note the obvious casting .

Material: A single 60m rope and some ice screw .
Material left : None

Report: The waterfall is salibile in two different ways. The easiest is to attack first on the left where the pendense are minor and exit on the right. Conversely sticking out to the right and straight on the pedestal the difficulty increases slightly , making the waterfall a little ' more challenging and interesting.

Descent: With a double dall'alberello placed immediately above.

General considerations: Both routes are quite simple and with very good ability to protect themselves , these factors make it a classic repeated enough satisfaction and with a beautiful view


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